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City Review of Permanent Signs By-law (click here to view document...)

As part of the in-progress review of the Permanent Signs on Private Property By-law, the City has just posted a new document which
 provides an overview of objectives. You can find the document and other information at ottawa.ca/permanentsigns. Any comments should be sent by email to sarah.newell@ottawa.ca
 or by telephone at (613) 580-2424 ext. 12448. The deadline for comments is 18 April. 

Safe Streets and Temporary Traffic Calming & PXOs‏

The temporary traffic calming (TTC) update document outlines operations for ward 18, as part of the 2016 Alta Vista Safe Streets program. This includes details of digital radar sign rotation, proposed & tentative locations for centreline ‘flex’ stakes, road surface speed limit paint, and other measures. At this time, the Traffic Department is studying feasibility of each newly proposed location. Once these locations are approved, we will check back in individually to collect your final comments.

 Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs) coming to Ottawa (click here for more details....)  (click here for PXOs types.....)

 In addition to these temporary measures, the City of Ottawa plans to begin installation of PXO devices in Ottawa this summer. Use of these devices have been recently approved at the provincial level, and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has outlined some regulation changes around their use for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. In turn, the City of Ottawa has developed and approved program guidelines for their implementation. The attached PXO documents provide additional details on installation warrants and considerations, and types of devices that will be used.

 Ottawa Police Service’s ‘Make the Right Call’

 As a reminder, the Ottawa Police Service encourages you and your neighbours to call 613-236-1222 ext. 7300 to request traffic enforcement of any kind. You may specify the time of day, day of the week that a particular infraction is most often observed at any location, and even request a follow up conversation from the responding officer. Data from these calls are used to allocate education program resources and patrol beats in the future, so it’s ideal to call every once in awhile to retain that attention.

Hello to our Ottawa South partners - Ottawa South Community Associations for Syrian Refugees fundraising effort

Please see the Fundraising page that I have created to promote our fundraising effort for Syrian Refugees. You are under no obligation to do anything other than share this page with your community members via your email, website, Facebook or Twitter pages. The funds raised simply by sharing this page will go directly to the United Way which has coordinated the fundraising effort.

I have registered the CCA with Refugee 613 and the process for making a donation or fundraising effort was advertised through the United for Refugees page. Rather then making it a CCA-only effort, I thought it would be great to open it up to all the Community Associations in Ottawa South so that we gain a larger response. Please see the link below for a preview of what the page will look like. If you wish to join, I will add your association name to the bottom of the page.


Jolyne Pepe

Secretary - CCA


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